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As I reminisce on the day we first met
and gazed into your eyes of blue,
I know now you were a gift from God
and the gift to me was you.

You entered my life during my darkest days
giving me new light, when I felt I had none,
you gave me butterflies with one simple touch
and gave me new hope, as I felt you're the one.

The closeness I felt when you held me tight
you had swept me right off my feet,
I'd never had dreamed I could love again
or such a wonderful man I'd meet.

The way I felt when you touched me
is unlike anything I've ever known,
the love you've shown me when we were together
I felt straight from your heart as it was shown.

You led me back to the God I once knew
 giving me reason to live once again,
no one knew the dark place I was living
but you gave me a life once again.

Then there's my sweet boy Elijah
who's heart you have captured too,
We both love you more than you'll ever know
And have faith that you will see us through.

I loved you then and I still love you today
And I have faith we'll be together forever,
I'll wait for you as long as it takes
then the rest of our lives I'll treasure.

My darkest days are here no longer
But for now our God had a different plan,
I never thought in my life again,
I'd be so in love in our one year time span.

It's unfortunate right now the timing is wrong
although I think of you morning, noon, and night,
But I know God has some unforeseen reason
And we'll be together again when His timing is right.

I'm putting my faith and trust in God
As I realize my love for you is true,
And I'm living by faith and not by sight
Knowing my one and only true love is you!

I love you,


In Loving Memory Of
Chynna L. Dickus
Who Was Born January 22, 1980
And Received Her Angel Wings
July 24, 2006


It's been only two years now
That you were taken away from me,
My one and only precious daughter
Murdered by some cruel soul now free.

Being brutally stabbed to death
On that dreadful July day,
It breaks my heart more than anyone could know
My precious Chynna was taken away.

Time will never heal the pain I feel
Every moment my heart still aches,
I think about you with every moment
And with each breath I take.

How I wish you were still with me
I remember how you loved butterflies,
I find myself still calling out to you
But your sweet voice now has no reply.

My life is now very difficult
As things will never be the same,
Birthdays and Christmas while giving out gifts
I wish I could still call out your name.

I can remember holding you in my arms
As a baby, for the very first time,
Who would have known that this short time later
The pain in this heart of mine.

Remembering many years ago
When you were just a child,
I'd hold you gently against my breast
And rock you for a while.

I remember when I'd stroke your cheeks
And wipe away your tears,
I'd hold you close with my loving arms
And gently calm your fears.

I am so sorry this had to happen
This was a senseless and brutal attack,
How I wish I could go back in time
And bring my precious daughter back.

I want you to know Chynna
How much I've always loved you,
And you'll live on in my heart forever
This my precious child is true!

I love you and miss you!
Love, Mom

In loving memory of my precious daughter
Chynna L Dickus
Who was born January 22, 1980
And received her angel wings July 24, 2006

Written by Melinda Tanner © Melinda's Personalized Poetry

Chynna was my one and only daughter. She was taken away July 24th, 2006. Chynna, 26
and her stepson Blake, 10 were brutally murdered in their new home. They had just moved in about a
month before. And Blake was over for his weekly visit. Little did they know something terrible was going to happen
that afternoon? No one heard or saw anything, but someone took Chynna and Blake's life. They were found brutally
stabbed to death that afternoon. Who was the last to see them alive? Who killed them?

If you'd like to read more about Chynna, there are many articles online. Just search Chynna Dickus online


The victim: Chynna Dickus

Staff writer

Chynna L. Dickus was known for making homemade gifts and sending handwritten notes to friends.
Nicknamed "Betty Homemaker" by her husband, she was remembered as someone always concerned
about bringing comfort to those around her.
"She had a tender, servant's kind of heart, and I'll always remember that about her," friend Lesa Burris said.
Chynna Dickus, 26, and her stepson, Blake Dickus, 10, were found dead by Stephen S. "Sean" Dickus on
Monday night in the home they shared.The couple had recently returned from a mission trip to El Salvador with
other members of Grace Assembly of God. On the trip, Chynna Dickus worked with a medical missions team
to treat children.

Chynna Dickus cared about people and cried easily, Burris said. She talked about the excitement of moving
into her new home but, at the same time, remembered the poverty she saw in El Salvador."She said, 'There's
all these kids who have nothing, and we come home and we have everything,'" Burris said.

Chynna Dickus, who was an only child, looked forward to starting her own family, Burris said.
She had a special fondness for her stepson, talking to Burris about how she and Sean Dickus
had been able to spend a lot of time with him this summer, Burris said.

"Chynna treated Blake as if he was her actual son and took care of him in that way," said Lance
Fischer, who is a co-worker of Chynna Dickus' mother, Marcia Anderson.
Chynna Dickus would make cakes with special cartoon characters for Blake's birthday.

She was trying to make a particularly unique cake for Blake a few years ago, and when it didn't turn out,
she walked back to the Wal-Mart store near her home and got ingredients to make the cake from scratch,
Burris said."She was so excited about decorating it and making it special," she said.

Chynna Dickus often sent cards to Burris with handwritten notes just to let her know she was thinking
of her. Burris was surprised when she received a card from her remembering Burris' anniversary with her husband.

She had a knack for remembering people's birthdays and anniversaries, Sean Dickus said.

Chynna Dickus was fond of adding personal touches to gifts. When Burris sent her a picture of Burris' family
around Christmastime, Chynna Dickus turned it into a homemade tree ornament and dropped it off at the
Burrises' home along with a tin full of fudge, candy and cookies, Burris said.

"She enjoyed just doing those things that touched people," Burris said.

The woman who recently became a greeter at her church laughed all the time and was described by several
people as bubbly. "She just had such a glow about her, and it's just going to be unreal that we won't see
her anymore," Burris said.

Chynna Dickus had a close relationship with her mother, and the pair would often spend time together,
Anderson's co-worker Lance Fischer said.
"When she wasn't at work, she was basically where (Chynna) was," Fischer said.
Anderson said she had returned home from work when she opened up the door and saw a police deputy
and chaplain, Fischer said. "She said, 'I don't know what I'm going to do without Chynna in my life. I thought
I was the one who was going to die first so I wouldn't have to worry about it,'" Fischer said.

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